Ducati and NCR team up to recreate Cook Neilson’s 1977 Daytona winner

Milan, Italy (November 16, 2006) - Ducati North America and NCR announce today the unveiling of
special new project bike called “New Blue”. This motorcycle is a modern replica of the historic Ducati
750SS campaigned by Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling throughout the mid 1970’s.

Cook Neilson, the editor of Cycle magazine at the time, possessed a unique combination of skills -
those of a successful journalist and those of a successful racer. With the help of Managing Editor and
ace mechanic Phil Schilling, they were able to build the 750SS into a remarkably successful race bike.
This was achieved by trial and error, superior tuning talent and riding skills.

Phil soon gave their motorcycle the nickname “Old Blue”, in reference to the team’s attractive livery. On
March 11th 1977, at the legendary Daytona Speedway, the team celebrated a monumental victory in the
AMA Superbike race. This win stands out as a significant event in the history books as it was the first
victory for Ducati at Daytona.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this historic event, a recreation of this motorcycle was
commissioned by Ducati North America and given to NCR.

“New Blue”, which began life as a Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000S, was sent to NCR’s factory for a
cosmetic replication and race preparation. NCR was able to remove an astounding eighty-four pounds of
dry weight and add an additional 30 horsepower to the motorcycle. This was achieved by the usage of
lightweight materials such as titanium, carbon fiber and magnesium throughout the project. The revised
engine output is 116hp at 8450rpm. The motorcycle is completed with a titanium plate bearing the
signatures of both Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling.

“This is a very exciting project, and we are looking forward to seeing Cook and Phil together again” said
Michael Lock, CEO of Ducati North America. “We inducted both of them into the Ducati North America
Hall of Fame at this year’s annual Ducati dealer meeting, and now we are honoring the special bike that
they built as well. The combination of rider, tuner and motorcycle made a very successful team.”

The North American introduction of the motorcycle will take place at Ducati New York on Thursday,
January 18th. The motorcycle will be on display at the remainder of the 2007 IMS Motorcycle Shows.

In addition, NCR will be building a limited quantity of these special production motorcycles for the
American market.


NCR CEO, Michele Poggipolini, who told me (jim mcdermott )about the unique
technical aspects of "New Blue", and NCR's future goals with Ducati:

New Blue makes 116 RWHP; NCR produce our own titanium rods and valves, hi-comp pistons,
camshaft, and we worked with our suppliers to produce a new clutch assembly. The clutch and
alternator cases are magnesium. This engine is 10 kilograms (roughly 22 pounds) lighter than the stock
Ducati motor. This engine has been developed by NCR for the Millona, and is highly reliable. In three
years of European Supertwins racing we did 25 races and won 20 of them, and we had no mechanical
problems. This is important for our customers; they can really get an exclusive motorcycle, with the
highest technology, with the best materials, but with minimal weight. They can go race every weekend,
you change the tires, add fuel, and go. Our focus was to build a twin cylinder motorcycle that was really
light, so the air cooled motor was the main choice, as this is already 10 kilos lighter than a liquid cooled
Ducati motor. You might look at the specs and think that 116 horses is not that fast, but with the light
weight, the bike is very fast, even against Japanese four cylinders, even at a track like Muguello, because
we don't lose that much on the straights, because the brake limits are so much higher, and we have
amazing torque. The bike has the same torque as a 999R, and it's so light you just look into a corner and
you're there, like a 250cc bike, but with a Ducati motor. Every bolt, every fastener is titanium. The Ohlins
forks have special internals developed on the track for this bike, and Ohlins also produced specific twin
rear shocks that are very high performance as well. The exhaust is custom made by Zard. The bodywork
is very special, it is not only silver and blue in color, there are actually 7 different paints used for the color,
and our supplier is the same guy who paints the Ferrari Formula One cars. We don't use stickers
anywhere on the bike, everything is airbrushed. The seat of the bike is done Schedoni, who does all
seats for Ferrari's Formula One and road cars. NCR's vision is to produce complimentary products to
Ducati, similar to what AMG does with Mercedes. We have both the passion and the technology to build
these bikes, that's what we deliver to our customers. You can order the bike (one of 50) through any
authorized Ducati or NCR dealer ...


This older build comes from NCR of Bologna, Italy, and it is a project developed jointly with Ducati North
America upon their request. NCR was founded in 1967 and between 1967 and 1969 they became
famous when racers Tarlazzi, Loigo and Baroncini made it to the top of the Moto Sport class ranks
thanks to the Ducati 250′s tuned and modified by NCR. These were the first two-cylinder motorcycles
from the Borgo Panigale factory tuned by NCR. Throughout the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s, NCR was really active
in motorcycle racing. In 2001, with help from the Poggipolini Group, NCR shifted its focus towards
offering complete solutions to customers all over the world, by becoming a true production company,
with the goal of manufacturing exclusive motorcycles, powered by fine-tuned Ducati engines.

This bike is a limited edition build, to be used on tracks only, and it is an homage to Cook Neilson’s
1977 Daytona victory on a Ducati 750SS, known as OLD BLUE, which was tuned by Phil Schilling. This
was the first victory for the Italian brand in the USA, and therefore a huge boost for the North American
market. The platform that this build is based on is the 2007 Ducati Sport 1000S, completely tuned by
NCR and made lighter in all its parts. After completion, this bike reached a weight of 150 kg compared to
the 188 kg of the street legal model (it is a weight reduction of 38 kg, slightly over 25%), and the power
has been increased by 40% reaching an output of 116 HP.

The heart of the beast is the NCR1100 engine which was developed as the ultimate expression of what
can be done with the 2 valve Ducati platform. NCR developed titanium connecting rods and valves,
forged pistons, NCR Corse cams, lightened gearbox,  balanced and lightened crankshaft in order to
increase both the performance and the reliability. They were able to lighten the stock Ducati engine by at
least 10% as well as add 30 HP over the stock unit. Combine all this titanium hardware, axles, covers as
well as magnesium cases and many other exotic parts, and this quickly becomes the wet dream of any
Ducatisti’s project.

The Zard exhaust system is an extraordinary titanium 2-1-2 unit, that weighs in at just 4 kg. The custom
suede seat is a true masterpiece that was made by Schedoni of Modena, Italy. If Schedoni sounds
familiar, think Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferretti Yachts interiors. The paint for this build was
developed in collaboration with Artech. Blue Comet is based on a triple mixture of a silver base with two
blues to really show that rich background and elegant profile of the bike. Silver Race is based on a
mixture of a metallic silver with a pearl base which gives it that rich brilliance and luminosity. To preserve
and protect these colors, 5 to 7 coats of UV resistant clear laquer were applied to bring out the depth of
color and to convey that wet paint look.

This bike is very exclusive and built in a limited production of 50 numbered motorcycles and will be sold
“ready to race”. NCR offers an ample catalogue of parts and special works for those who want to tune
their Ducati SportClassic. NEW BLUE is produced following a custom tailoring production process, only
on demand and handmade. If you decide to order the ready to race NCR motorcycle, you can have one
for the amount of 67,000 U.S. dollars or you can decide to customize your own Ducati street legal
SportClassic versions, with NCR Special Parts from your engine, brake system, chassis and
suspensions, exhaust system and electronics to adding those NCR Special Parts in Titanium,
Magnesium or Carbon Fiber.

List of Modifications:
  Based on: 2007 Ducati Sport 1000S
  Engine: Ducati 1100 NCR (116 hp @ 8450 rpm/min, 10,6Kgm/6.700rpm)
  Weight: 145 kg – 319 lbs (engine weight: 55 kg – 121 lbs)
  Frame: Tubular trellis in steel Ducati Sport 1000 S model
  Wheelbase: 1400 mm
  Rake: 23,5°- 24,5°
  Clutch: APTC custom slipper clutch system
  Gearbox: 6 Speed
  Front brake: 2 x 300 mm Braking WAVE discs, 4-piston 2-pad Brembo SBK radial caliper from billet
  Rear brake: 200 mm Braking WAVE disc, 2-piston Brembo caliper from billet
  Front Suspension: Ohlins 43 mm upside-down fork with TiN surface treatment, adjustable off-set,
tuned by NCR CORSE
  Rear Suspension: progressive linkage with fully adjustable Ohlins monoshock with length adjustment,
tuned by NCR CORSE
  Fuel tank: 15L / 3.9 US gal
  Exhaust: New custom all NCR titanium exhaust system produced by Zard
  Wheels: BST carbon fiber wheels
  Instruments: AIM MXL dashboard with via Can to EFI Euro 1 cpu connection and USB PC connection
  Electronics: NCR CORSE wiring system with Automatic Remapping System (ARS) by on-board CPU
  Front Tire: Metzeler Racetec Slick K0, 120/70 R 17
  Rear Tire: Metzeler Racetec Slick K0, 190/55 R 17
  Bolts & Fasteners: produced in Titanium by Poggipolini Titanium
  Seat: leather seat produced by Schedoni
  Engine Starter: Electronic engine starter
  Paint: by Artech and NCR, Blue Comet and Silver Race

  Titanium footrests kit,
  NCR Al7075/Titanium fuel cap,
  NCR Titanium clutch cover,
  NCR Titanium/Al 7075 clip on set,
  NCR triple clamps kit in aluminum from billet,
  NCR CORSE bottom bracket in alluminum from billet,
  NCR CORSE camshaft and Magnesium
  NCR clutch and alternator case.

SPECIAL PARTS (optional)
  Manual Remapping system (MRS),
  external NCR engine starter ,
  NCR Titanium fuel cap and

From -

January 18th, 2007 was
Ducati New York's party to
introduce New Blue and
when Jennifer and I had the
honor to meet Cook and
Stepper Neilson and Michele
and Joe from NCR.

That is Michael Lock, CEO of
Ducati introducing New Blue.

Michele is in the black jacket
and Cook in the black shirt.

Joe from NCR promises  
these two lovely Ducati girls,
or their equals, come with the
purchase of every New Blue.

Detail images taken that first

New Blue #1 was the first
bike brought to the United
States and toured the US
Motorcycle shows, went to
Barber Motorsports for testing
and then to Daytona and
raced during bike week.

Photo credit to my friend and
professional photographer
Stephen Leukanech
Telephone - (850) 570 5900
Images were take in the
lobby to New York's Javits

Cook was clocked on his
second of two laps around
Daytona at 164MPH going
across start finish.

That is Cook during Ducati
Day at Daytona delivering the
bike to the ceremony for its

Watching Cook with this
motorcycle showed how
proud he was to be affliiated
with it.  That is Jennifer,
hugging the shy guy ...

Cook, the Ducati Models, me
and Blue.  

The third photo is of Jen and

Joe, Michele and Cook.

These shots were taken by a
British photographer, name
to come.

This is the original 'Old Blue'
or California Hotrod that Cook
Neilson won Daytona upon in
1977.  Cook Neilson and Old
Blue should with respect,
always be addressed with
the man responsible for
creating it, Phil Schilling.

This last image is of Cook on
a 750 Super Sport that had
been crashed during testing,
enlarge the photo to see the
tape holding it together.

One of the famous articles
written by Cook in June, 1977
describing the internals of
Old Blue and what makes it
so fast.