BIMOTA - DB Models

In my passion and interest of Italian motorcycles I found myself at the
IMOC (Italian Motorcycle Owners Club) event and this years marque
(2006) was Bimota ... and my interest developed to learn more.

Bimota has over the years used engines from different manufactures
to create their motorcycles.   DB represents 'Ducati Bimota' and other
Bimota models are named after their engines producers (SB - Suzuki
Bimota, KB - Kawasaki Bimota, etc).

DB1 & DB2  is a 750cc Pantah motor and some of these came with the
limited edition Montjuich / Laguna Seca motors.

Vdue was a 500cc 2 Stroke motor built by Bimota that went through a
few series during the time Bimota went out of business.  The first
series was fuel injected and had many problems running and soon
was sold with carburetors.

I am interested to learn about these models if you have knowledge?