This is one way to keep your man's attention and
off the golf course ... Come to think about it, her
creativity might get me to give up the game!!!
You should see her breast feed!!!
Why do Europeans to come up
with great names like this and why
would Americans find it offensive?
The definition of Ice storm?
(So cool, click to see)
On a motorcycle
site, my question
is, how do I get
this on a license
Home Early?
When he said around the
corner, he did not
mention over the hill!!!
Busted ...
Happy Bear
Bored and alone in the dead of
winter the Master of Ceremonies
tours his nudist colony
World's worst hunting dog!!!
This is why we
need to teach
the lower class
there is more to
life than just
pumping gas.
OK boys and
girls, its back
to school time
(Click on these) Some of the many
crossroads of dealing with women!!!
One of my Favorites
Everyone loves a little pussy
If you have gotten this far, its
time to focus and read on ...
Ever eat really really spicey food and
feel like your ass is on fire?
And finally, for the religious and unethical ...
Biker Chicks
Nothing to say on this one ...