Honda 1990 NSR250R

This is an early model M21 version of the two stroke
road bike replica of Honda's very sucessful roadracing
motorcycle. This bike was left abandon in a parking
garage.  When I received is, the ignition was out of it to
be re - keyed, it had no battery and the bike had not
been started in more than two years.

The oil was changed and the battery being a very small
odd shape only allowed the use of a battery charger to
see it the bike would start.  The bike is a kick start model
only, being a lightweight racing bike that weighs approx.

With the battery charger on it, jumping the ignition,
removing the air filters and giving it a hit of starter fluid,
started the bike on the second kick. Two stroke smoke
and that buzzing sound filled the garage and almost
immediately the motor took and began to make beautiful
sounds warming it's self up.

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