I've owned this motorcycle for about 3 years now and it
is truly incredible.  It is fun, fast, comfortable and good
for city riding, long distance and day trips.  Its not the
best handling or fastest, but it does both really well.  
The bags hold enough for two or tools and clothing for
me for a week.

Its traveled the Blue Ridge twice, been incredibly
reliable and its issues have been few. It's gotten lots of
little upgrades for looks and as upgrade.  The
aftermarket horn is a Godsend in the city.  For looks the
wheels were changed from gray to black and many of
accent pieces were painted black too

The most important modifications made were:
1.) The windscreen - completely changed the bike at
speed and in comfort.
2.) The Arrow Exhaust - Added HP
3.) Zenon Low Beam - Safety and site - Great addition
4.) PIAA's - Made night riding so much better.

Many times I've thought of buying a new model
Multistrada and then I remember how wonderful this
bike is.  Would having ABS, the added HP and 6
computers to fail, plus the added $15k be worth the
upgrade.  I still think no.


This motorcycle was bought about 100 highway miles
from home and when I got it home I was exhausted
from the buffeting of the wind ... The first year Multi had
a short almost non existing windscreen and the first
change to the bike was to buy the larges screen I could
find to buy.

Looking for a motorcycle for a young friend I came
across this one.  It was a great deal, the owner was
scared of it and five years after its delivery it only had
950 miles.  When I called the owner to ask more
questions, he lowered the sale price, this guy was
motivated and the perfect bike for my buddy.  Then, my
friend decided he had cold feet about buying the bike ...
I could not pass on the opportunity.

The Multistrada does everything 'great' ... It is not the
fastest, the most comfortable, the best handling ... but it
is such a perfect balance of doing everything so well, it
is truly an absolute joy to ride and own.

On the highway or twisties it is easy to ride quickly with
my friends on sport models.  I have packed the bike
with girlfriend for a 1,000 mile ride and done 350 miles
with her on board, without complaint (The last day was
another 350 mile day in the pouring rain).

If you are going to own one motorcycle, this is it.  The
only thing I would prefer to own is the new model,
announced the month I am writing this.