1976 Moto Guzzi Lemans 1

Michael bought this bike years ago and wanted to restore it
into an all original Lemans 1.  He gave the bike to a restorer
who will remain unnamed who worked on it for two years and
on the motorcycles first ride the motor threw a bearing.

What you see here is Michael's rendition number 2.  After
waiting for years to ride the bike, Michaels desires changed
and what he wanted for the next round was a hotrod.

V7 Sport Red, the motor was replaced with a 1,100cc motor
with 40mm Dellorto's.  I was honored to be offered a test ride
on the first day Michael rode the bike and it is surprisingly fast
and free revving ... Like no other Guzzi I have ridden before.
The brakes are incredible with Brembo GP masters and Peter
from Moto Borgotaro did an amazing job building this

I cannot wait for the next opportunity to ride it, maybe it will be
outside the New York City limits and on some open roads.

Look out for it, photo's do not do this bike justice.