Moto Guzzi 1974 V7 Sport

This bike was bought on Friday, August 5th 2005.  It was one of those days that was
90 degrees and 100 percent humidity.  

Whatever the loose connection that helped to overheat the electrical system that day I
never did actually find.  But on my way to visit a friend the bike stopped running and I
was only 3 blocks away ... but it was up hill and I was pushing it.

It was so hot out, I was in a leather jacket and working so hard pushing this thing.  I guy
stopped in a little Honda and told me to stop and get in.  I remember the air
conditioning being the coolest and most wonderful thing I had ever felt.   He said where
can I take you, I was so grateful and it turned out to be about another block ... it was the
best air conditioning I had ever felt.

Later that day would be my first date with Jennifer.  A ride up the Palisades Parkway
from NYC to Cold Spring.  She was on her R1200ST and would you know it, half way
on the ride the bike would shut off again.

On the side of the Palisades when the officer asked if he would like me to call a tow
truck, I told him no, and asked if he had any tape.  At the time I thought it was the key
ignition and had yanked the wires pins from its bottom.  A minute later (little did I know
the electrical had cooled) the tape was wrapped around the ignition wires and the bike
was again running.

Later she would tell the story that when the bike was running again she said to herself
"Who am I with, McGyver?".


Built from 1972 to 1974 this model was produced using the Vehicle Identification
numbers VK 11111 through VK 13842 for a total quantity of 2,731 bikes.

Riding this bike is like being on a two wheeled freight train. The torque is incredible
and the center of gravity very very low, making for a very fun and exciting bike to ride.

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