Moto Guzzi Lemans I - 1978

This black bike belonged to Manfred Hecht as his
personal bike until 1996 and when purchased the
title was still in his name.  Shortly after the purchase
I contacted Manfred to learn the history of the bike
and better understand the work that was done to it.

Used as a test mule for many of RaceCo's work and
modifications they were famous for, the bike
became known as "Project Bike X34" after
Manfred's racing number.

Modifications include
- Two ignitions, normal and crank fire, switched by
micro switch.
- 90mm Pistons and cylinders including twin plug
- The clutch is a lightened transcontinental.
- Oil pan has a aluminum oil spacer for the tray.
- RR3 Cams
- 40mm Magnesium Dellortos
- MIR Forks
- EPM wheels.


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Moto Guzzi Lemans I - 1978  

This motorcycle to came from Manfred Hecht too.  His
wife gave it to him as a gift ... and in turn he restored it
and gave it back to her.  He said she rode it maybe 50
miles and was restored back to original, stock condition.