BMW 3.0CS / E9

The BMW 3.0CS has been described as one of the more beautiful cars
since the 1960's and I agreed.

In the fall of 2011 it was finally time for me to begin learning more about the
3.0CS and I bought my first CS
, #2240337 in Tennessee and dragged
back to New York. Putting it up in the air for the first time showed the
'bottom half' of the car, the rust was everywhere ...
It was a true 35,000
mile car and the interior was almost perfect after being stored in a garage
for 19 years, but it was too much of a project for me.  I had to buy a second
to learn more of what I did not want.  It took me three tries to find the 1974
Silver CS, 4310095.

During the 1970's - 80's BMW made two different sized 6 cylinder motors,
the small and large block.  The 1969 3.0CS was the fist model to use the
large block and this block was used through the 1993 M5.  The large block
began in the 3.0CS with 170hp and ended with 315hp in 1993. Almost
doubling power in 20 years. Technology also included development in
brakes, suspension and safety, the last adding weight, a lot of it.  

The 1988 M5 weighs 3,700lbs with 256hp in the US / 286hp in Europe, 0 to
60 is 6.5/6.2 respectfully.  Pulling the M5 256hp engine from a 3,700lbs car
and placing it into the 2,900lbs 3.0CS would change a horsepower to
weight ratio (HP/LBS) from 14.5 to 11.3:1.

A 2005 Porsche 911S weighs 3,417lbs and 355hp, a 9.6:1 HP/LBS ratio.

Adding to the M5 Motor an open exhaust, chip and cam pully should bring
it to
over 300hp, in the 2,900lbs 3.0CS changing the HP/LBS ratio to 9.6:1.

Make a 3.0CS handle and stop with modern BMW technology and with
great 1960's design it should yield a beautiful, reliable, fun and fast car.

That's the plan, more to come.


PS. The information here has been assembled from other websites such
as for my reference and those looking to do this conversion.

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