This bike came from my friend
Steve who road raced the bike in
the streets of New York through
the 1980's.  His stories of racing
Japanese bikes on the Degan are
nothing short of scary, because he
could carry more speed through
the highways turns. The bike came
to me after sitting in Steve's
garage for almost 20 years.  The
original motors case is in the
frame, but the case was stripped
to construct another motor many
years ago.  Originally this bike
belonged to Augie DeFeo from the
famed Ghost Motorcycles (Note
the original tank on the ground
with the Ghost logo).  
The red bike from New Jersey
and when purchased had sat
for many years.  

Firing it up for the first time was
incredible.  The exhaust is
open high pipes, that Jennifer
described as almost knocking
he off her bike when she was
behind me.  Needless to say
along that first ride she was
screaming and waving to me,
because my jeans were on fire
from the pipes.
The silver and blue
bike to the right is an
incredibly restored
motorcycle that sold
on ebay.  There was
much discussion
about this bike and its
chromed chassis
being over the top.
1977 Ducati 900 SS