1995 Ducati 900SS/SP

What makes this bike to the right
special is it only has 604 miles.  
This bike came from an older
gentleman who rode it for one
summer. He told me the battery
died and he never replaced the
battery or road it again.

Ed's Ducati  900  SS/FE

This is a 1995 900SS purchased
from a shorter than average
female rider.  The front and rear
suspension was lowered and I
liked the lower center of gravity
enough not to bother changing it

The bike has spent the winter in
the shop and has received a
overhaul costing more than
$2000.00.  It has received a new
battery, oil and fuel filters, Piston
rings and cylinder bolts, spark
plugs, 520 chain, and are you
ready, carburetors.  The shop
recommended the replacement of
the carb's and that the gas tank
be cleaned out and sealed and
both were.

The bike when "stopped", had
fallen or been knocked over on
both sides.  Welcome to the
beating bikes get in New York City.
1993 900 Superlight - 1,512 Miles
On Ebay 11/29/05 - starting bid
$12,495 did not sell.
Vin #ZDM1LC4N3PB006557