Mike Hailwood Replica

Made from 1979 to 1985 the 900MHR was the
continuation of the 900SS chassis.  Using the Mike
Hailwood name and livery made for a very successful  
Ducati model.  Original designed to be a limited edition
of 200 motorcycles in 1979, it was so well received it was
put into production for the next five years.

My father was at an auto auction and called to ask if I was
interested in the parts to a MHR.  I said yes and a short
time later and for $200US I was the proud owner on
chassis number #177 (one of the first 200), its swing
arm, centerstand, gas tank, fairing and other bits.  Stay
tuned as the project takes shape.

Anyone reading this with parts I might be interested in,
please contact me.  Thanks