Square Cases

The red bike to the right is a 1977 900GTS and a bike
that runs like a freight train.  Not fast, but the motor is
wonderful and has enough torque to put a grin, ear to
ear on any face.

This was my first vintage bike and the true beginning
of the passion and desire I have developed for Ducati.

The Story of this bike is a great one and describes the
passion and truly how small the hobby of Ducati's
really is. I found this bike online, about 10 minutes
after it was posted by a wonderful guy named Doug.  
He told me about the bike and within an hour (this is
New York City) I was in front of the bike and within two
hours I was riding it home with a ear to ear grin.

Now what makes the story better is that Doug told me
he got the bike from a friend in Long Island, New York
... no big deal, right?  Well 6 - 8 months later I am
speaking with a guy in Vancover Canada for the first
time ... and the subject of what type of Duc's comes
up.  He says, one bike I loved and sold to a guy in New
York 10 or 15 years ago was a red 900GTS with a little
ding on the top of the tank.

Guess what, it was my bike.

Real Classics - SD900 Darmah
Ducati Owner's Club
of Great Britain
Booklet #132
Written by Colin
Title - Bevel Ducati's -
A few Tips