Ducati 851

Introduced in 1986 at Bol' D'Or the 851 won at Daytona in
1987 and placed 5th in the Superbike Championship in
1988.  The new liquid cooled motor had four valves per
cylinder and a Weber fuel injection producing 90hp in
production form.  Raymond Roche won the models first
world superbike championship in 1990 and the bike
would go onto many more wins until the arrival of the
916 in 1994.

The 1990 851 (with white wheels) was found in Manhattan with 16,000 miles
and is an incredible original example.  During the 2005 Lady Liberty Ride in
September I had the pleasure of playing Road Captain on the 851 and working
with the Police and racing from the back to the front of 2 miles of motorcycles.  I
had the pleasure of passing cops on bikes at greater than legal speeds.  This
bike was passed onto my friend Shelly who then passed it onto Paul.  It was an
early model with M1R forks.

The 1991 851 (with gold wheels) that came from the West Coast where its
original owner, when new, wanted the bike to resemble Doug Polen's race bike
without modifying the motor.  The bike was lightened to 395lbs using light
weight metals and a tremendous about of money.  Below is a list of the work:

- Magnesium wheels (Technomagnesio Penta 5-Spoke wheels)
- Aluminum Rear & Front sub-frames
- 888 Solo Seat mounted on Air Tech 888 solo tail section
- Titanium Axles and Brake Mounting Bolts
- Brembo Gold Line Floating Iron Rotors and Billet Calipers
- Full Floating low mount rear brake kit from Pro Italia, moves the caliper to the
bottom of the rotor for better center of gravity
- Fast By Ferracci stainless steel and carbon fiber complete exhaust system,
which is their copy of the famous Termignoni 'Farne' exhaust
- AP Lockheed variable ratio racing front brake and clutch master cylinders
- Billet aluminum foot pegs, brackets, and pedals from Pro Italia
- Steering Damper from Storz
- Oil cooler with stainless braided lines from Earls
- Ferracci Stage 1 computer chip
- Billet muffler clamps from Pro Italia
- Hi-Rise clip ons from Storz (raised the hand grips for comfort)
- Carbon Fiber fenders, exhaust hangers, clutch and sprocket covers

Between 2005 and the end of 2009 I used and loved this motorcycle.  It never let
me down and together we toured Texas, North Carolina, Lake Placid and
Vermont and did thousands of miles together.  It was a little tired and had
16,000+ miles.

I had heard about it, a 1991 851 with 2,992 miles missing its fairings and fuel
pump and housing ... After 2 years of talking on and off with the owner the bike
was in my garage.  It had been in a heated basement and last registered in
1993 ... 16 years without use and what would I do with it?

The first thing to do was to make it run... check! I narrowed my options to three,
sell it, make a hotrod out of it, or take all the special bits from my 851 and create
a almost new 851. Option 1 and 2 were out, it was going to be #3.  And what you
see in the next series of photos is what came to be.  Yes the wheels went to
another project, but I was ok with that, because I like the black wheels and black
as an accent on the bike.
January 2006 - Texas

This series of photo's were
taken on a two and a half day
adventure between Dallas and
Austin Texas.  During the 713
mile trip the roads were long
and flat until we got to the Hill
Country west of Austin.  If you
are going to travel Texas by
motorcycle, make sure this
area is on the list.