1990 Nuovo 750 Sport

Hoping to recreate the following of the original 750 Sport
Ducati set out to manufacture an economical model using
a derivative of the 750F1 Frame and the newly revised
Paso Pantah Motor.

The 750F1 frame was modified to house the larger air filter
which was connected to the Paso's single Weber 44DCNF
113 Carburetor.  The Pantah motor received a reversed
rear cylinder allowing for the Weber to sit on top of the
motor and be used for both cylinders.

The suspension is 40mm Marzocchi non adjustable forks,
Brembo brakes and Oscam 16" wheels.  The swing arm
was designed very much like the limited edition 750F1
models but constructed from aluminum and would become
known as a problem due to cracking.

With a 57" wheel base and weighing in at a claimed
397lbs, Motor Cycle News in Sept. 1988 reported a
132mph top speed and Cycle World in December 1989
noted a quarter mile pass of 12.44 seconds @ 107.27mph.

Total production was 2,607 over the two years. Only in
1989 did (400) come to the United States as 1990 models.

Changing the weber to any two carbs is better than the
single Weber that was also found on Fiat 1200cc cars.
The reason Ducati used this carb was to show Weber its
interest in working with them for the fuel injection system
planned for the 851.

My latest project was grafting a modified 1993 900SS into
my 750 Sport. The idea came from a wonderful website,
www.loudbike.com ... The motor is a 944cc Ferracci motor
with 12:1 pistons, worked heads, Ferracci exhaust and
41mm Keihins all creating dyno tested 93 Rear Wheel
Horsepower (up from the stock advertised 72HP).
Suspension, brakes and swingarm are also from the
900SS and 17" 5 spoke black Marchesini wheels and a
Corbin seat were installed.  Lets just say it lifts the front
wheel in third gear.