Ducati 750 GT and 750 Sport

First displayed in January of 1971, in London, the prototype had a 29mm
Dell Orto and a front drum brake. With a 60" wheelbase, those viewing it
thought it would ride more like a tourer ... boy they were wrong.

Cycle Magazine in October 1972 said 'when the right - side peg nicks
down in an 80mph sweeper and the bike never bobbles ... you know that
a motorcyclist designed this machine, and he got it right'.

The first 500 bikes had sand cast cases and where known as
preproduction.  Between 1971 and 1975 approximately 2,000 bikes would
be made each year including 750GT, 750 Sport and 750SS models.

The 1974 750 Super Sport is the rarest and most desirable of the round

Due to the US legislations at the end of 1974 making motorcycle
manufactures place gear shifters on the left side, Ducati used this time to
phase out the round case and introduce the Square Case 863cc. It is
noted that in 1978 an Australian Distributer for racing purposes
purchased approximately forty more round case motorcycles the factory
created from components still in house.

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