1986 750F1 Montjuich
(Translation - Hill of the Jews)

Ducati produced (200) Montjuich's and  (20) came to North
America.  It name came from the Montjuich Park Circuit in
Barcelona Spain where Ducati won many races (The circuit
was through public streets, considered very dangerous to
rider and spectator, it was closed after spectators were killed
watching a race).

The Montjuich is the first  of three homoligated for racing
limiited edition models of the F1 that had many of the
factory's special racing components.  Many were raced and
campaigned by non - factory sponsored racers.

Items that make the Montjuich special include:

- Heads including larger ports and hotter cams
- Different crankcases to accept a larger gear box and
straight cut gears
- High compression pistons
- 40mm Dellorto carbs
- Open Verlicchi Exhaust
- Lighted and open clutch and basket
- Aluminum gas tank
- Wheels are polished aluminum rims and three spoke
magnesium ribs painted red Front was 3.5”x16” and rear
- Fully floating brakes, fronts are Brembo’s P432D “Gold
Series” four piston calipers.

Mick Walker in his ‘Illustrated Buyer’s Guide Ducati’ states ...

“Prospective buyers must realize that these “racers” were
strictly hand – built small – production machines and
therefore did not have a “standard” specification – even
different carburetor sizes and types of tires were specified”

… “If you find , or already own, an F1 (“Four Stars”) my
advice is to hang on to it.  If you are doubly lucky to have
been able to afford one of the “limited edition” models, then
guard it with your life, for you have a real classic of the
future.  Any one of the Montjuich, Laguna Seca or
Santamonica models is worth five full stars, for they are both
beautiful and rare.”  

Cycle World said “They may be bargains.  This last Ducati is
a throwback in spirit to the 750SS of 1973, the F1’s most
famous predecessor.  Like the 750SS, the F1 is the Italian
sportbike of its era”

This bike is a unmolested and non raced low mileage
Montjuich that is in completely original condition with only
4,406 Kilometers (2,731 miles).
The Santamonica was the third and final limited edition.  Again this was a
production of (200) bikes and none came to the United States.  Below are
photos collected from the Internet documenting the model.