1988 Ducati 750F1 - TT1 Framed

Through friends and Ducatist’s from around the
world (including Steve from www.loudbike.com and
Jörg from the Ducati Owners Group in Germany),
they have helped me to learn more about this
motorcycle and I have even located the bikes past
owner (The world is shrinking).

The frame of this motorcycle is a second (or late)
version of the Verlicchi TT1 race frame purchased
from Reno Leoni. The side stand is bolted to the
right side crankcase because there is no provision
for a stand..

The front brakes are QD Brembo racing calipers
off of Kurt Liebmans's Harris Ducati.  Called 0-280
these endurance brakes are quick release for
changing pads during races.

Any additional knowledge or history about TT1
and TT2 bikes and their frames is appreciated.



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