1985 Ducati 750 F1 Endurance Replica

During the F1's two year production approximately 1,500 were made.  Known for its
streamline design and handling, the 368 pound F1 has cult status as the last of the
hand made and Taglioni designed Ducati's.

Lou Saif is internationally know for the restoration of TT2 and TT1 factory race
bikes. Based in New York City I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lou and
watch him restore some of the most famous race bikes of the era.

When the opportunity to purchase Lou's personal 750F1 I jumped at it. Lou owned
this bike for almost 20 years and developed it as a replica of Marco Lucchinelli's
factory work's bike.

Lou's intention to make his bike a street racer and as light and reliable as possible.
 The motor is mostly original except for cams, supermono light weight gears and a
titanium (very loud and open) exhaust.  The wheels are 17" x 4.5"/6" magnesium
and brakes quick release endurance.  The tail was shortened and lights replicate
the work's bikes.  The front fairing is that of racer and the head lights are quick
release like those used for night racing.  Titanium hardware was used and weight
was removed from any place imaginable bringing the bike to a weight of only 305

Other details to note are that the headlights are removable in seconds, the forks
are Marzocchi M1R and the rear Ohlins with an external canister.