1981 Ducati 500 Pantah

This motorcycle was bought in New Jersey.  Its
previous owner parked it in 1991 in the rear of a dark
garage and never moved it again.  Before buying it, I
made sure the motor was free.  I have never found a
bike that I could say did not see the light of day for 16
years, but this was it.

We changed the fluids, the belts and added a new
battery.  Everything seemed fine and all of the
electrical even seemed to work.  

The carbs came off and were cleaned from top to
bottom.  Back on they went and everyone waited ...
Boom, it started right up.  Some fine carb tuning by
Seamus and the bike was ready for a ride.

It is truly amazing how free revving and different the
500cc is from its larger 750cc brother.  This motor will
pull right to and past its red line.

Ordered were soft Avon tires.  Next the soft
suspension will need to be tighten up to make it more
predictable in the twisties.

Stay tuned ...
This is the garage where it was found.