Mark 3 & Mark 3 Desmo

Built from 1968 to 1970 the Mark 3 was the first wide
case street bike and the Ducati to carry the Desmo head
as a production motorcycle.

I love this Ducati model from my understanding it was
delivered in red, gold/orange, blue and white.  The
photo's to the right are some of the colors I have seen
and collected from the internet. (there is also a black
bike on this page too).

In February of 1970, Cycle Magazine ran an article
comparing the 250, 350 and 450cc of this model and
from my reading it is the best review I have found and is
on this page.

Below are also photo's of bikes I have worked with and
on and there stories from where they came from.  Please
note, all of the photo's will become larger if clicked upon.


Photo's of a beautiful 68' Mark 3 Desmo

Vintage photo's and Blog

Three Italian 350s: Ducati, Benelli & Morini

A 450's History

Is a 1968 250cc Desmo bought
from a collection in the south.   
The bike was purchased and
brought North with the intent of
restoring it.  Enclosed are the
photo's of the bike in New Orleans
and then in New York as it is
dismantled.  More to come.
CYCLE Magazine
February, 1970